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Set screw size shadow 2 rear sight


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Rear sight set screws.  What size Allen key?


I have tried a set of both metric and sae Allen keys (brand new), and I cannot find a key that fits.  The one metric that sort of fits is so loose I will not attempt to use it for fear of stripping.  


Gun is new, never been molested prior...

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I agree. I had to shift my rear sight ever so little. But, it was an act of god to get it to move. Well, maybe not that bad. But, I did have increase my hammer size and use a bench block. I was going to heat it as a last resort. But, a little more pressure did it. In hindsight, I say just use a hair dryer and get it good and warm. It should melt the lock tote enough and make it much easier to move. 

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