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Annealing 6.5 Creed Brass so No trim Needed for progressive loading

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So in talking with a sponsored precision rifle shooter, he mentioned that he anneals his lapua brass and in doing so he no longer has a need to trim to length, and therefore loads ALL of his precision rifle ammo on his Dillon Progressive. Is anyone else doing this? Can someone explain the part of the annealing process that causes trimming not be needed anymore. i have decent understanding of annealing- having not done it but read many forums on it. But none mention it removing or reducing the frequency of trimming.  I would love to not have to trim my rifle brass. It Would make my Dillon  much more useful for precision rifle brass.

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I can somewhat answer this question, 99% of people who trim to published minimums are doing too much work in there reloading process, since in the bolt action world no crimp is necessary, and trimming is not an accuracy step why trim at all, safety is the answer.  Sinclair sells a chamber length gauge, I trim 308 brass when it gets to 2.025, which is .010 from the end of the chamber, it takes about 10 firings before trimming is required, and in my experience annealing has no effect on how many firings it takes for the brass neck to grow to the trim point, so it very well could be that this certain shooter simply doesn't get enough firings on his brass to require trimming. 

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