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XD 5" 40 vs Glock 35


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For Production and Limited, which is better and why?
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Grip zone is stupid lol. Get the G35 and you can get a conversion barrel to shoot 9mm for production and use stock for limited.

I shoot neither but I'm not gonna attempt to sway you to twenty other manufacturers as some undoubtedly will lol

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XD or XDM?


For the most part i would go glock over XD, if for no other reason than the low mag capicty of the XD40, which makes it suck for limited.  On Glock vs XDM, pick which you prefer and have fun.  I use an XDM myself  and like it over the Glock, but it is really a wash.  I like the powder river river triggers  better than any i have felt in a glock, but others might disagree. You can get basepads, magwells, triggers etc., for either

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So I have a g34 and a XDm 40 with a bunch of prp parts and a trigger kit. Personally, I like the Glock grip a bit more but like the trigger on my XDm better. I put the XDm away a few years ago as I shifted to limited minor to save on costs while also starting in 3 gun.


I really liked the XDm but honestly my grip cracked and the customer service I got from SA was horrendous. I also had a OOB discharge with the XDm with WWB that gave me quite the scare as well. The whole experience is what pushed me to Glock in the first place and I've been there ever since for my plastic guns. Glock has a GSSF match locally and they bring out an armorer that will replace parts for free. So I like the customer service from Glock a whole lot more.


But they are very similar guns and I'd say find a way to shoot both and buy the one you like.

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