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Base plates for 19 round mags


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2 hours ago, Mikemiller69gs said:

I'm looking for alum base plates for 19 round SP 01 mags. Surfed the net this evening with no luck  Any help would be appreciated.



Did you check Springer Precision?

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I think that the SP-01 Shadow Dual Tone Pistol came with the Mecgar 19 Round Hi Capacity Flush Fit mags that have +2 capacity base plate.

I don't have any my self, but my guess is that they are the 17 round with the +2.


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I have all three the MecGar 19rd the SP-01 18rd and the 17rd that came with my S2.  The tubes on the 18 and 19rd mags are longer than the 17rd mag tubes and will use a different base pad extension. I am 99% sure the MecGar and CZ 18 and 19rd mags are the same but I have not taken the MecGar mags apart yet,  The tube length is the same on them so I would imagine they run the same basepad,   I would check with Springer.  I am in the process of adding basepad extensions to my mags to make them all 140mm.  Springer has two extended basepads the SP0318 for the 17rd tube and the SP0326 for the 18rd tube which will probably be the same for the MecGar 19rd mag.


FYI The alum basepad extensions on the 18 or 19rd mag tubes leaves a huge gap and does not fit flush with the bottom of the grip.  The plastic basepad ext on the factory and Mecgar mags come up to meet the base of the grip.  The 17rd mag tubes with the basepad ext DO fit flush with the bottom of the grip.  I was told no one makes a basepad or basepad extension that will fit flush with the bottom of the grip on the 18rd mag tubes like the factory plastic ones will.


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I can say for sure the extended SP0326 Springer basepad will fit the MecGar 19rd mag tubes.  They are the same mag tube as the CZ 17rd tube that came with my S2 as Falfar stated and definitely different than the 18rd CZ mag tubes although a 18rd SP0318 basepad extension does still fit the 17rd mecgar tube



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