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Thug Plug for Limited Glock


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You'd likely be much better served with an actual magwell vs. just the grip plug.  Most folks who might run the Thug Plug do so in Production or Carry Optics where a magwell is not allowed.


Also depending on the Generation of your 22, the Thug Plug likely will only add 1.8 - 2 oz at most

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I agree on the magwell, but I’m doing a cheap out version. I just bought sights and basepads to get this 22 ready for Limited.  But I only bought two basepads, so a large/heavy magwell would only work for the extended mags. I’m planning to run the regular 15 round mags as backups and load mags.


The plug was sort of an afterthought to add weight and was only $29. Another option would be a cheap Amazon rail light with the light removed.


I’m basically doing this for fun and to compare shooting Limited major with a Glock versus Limited minor with a CZ.  

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