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Purchased the NEW SJC Titan Extreme Brake/Comp


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I had installed an SJC Titan Titanium Brake/Compensator on my wife’s AR to reduce recoil.


At the time it was tested to be the most effective Brake/Compensator available.


Well, I was surfing the net and found out SJC had came out with a NEW Brake, the SJC Titan Extreme. They were claiming a 20% further reduction in recoil over their original Titan.


So I order it and install it on my wife’s AR.


I have to say it IS more effective! I’ve done just about every trick to keep her AR light and recoil free. It also has ZERO muzzle climb.


Barrel - Voodoo Innovations 16.5” w/Rifle Length Gas System

Carrier - 2A Armament Titanium/Aluminum Hybrid

Recoil System - J.P. Enterprises SCS Gen 2 w/85% Spring (I installed the 85% spring to get it to lock open on an empty mag using Tula .223, if it works with that it will run with anything)


The weight is just over Six pounds and it has virtually ZERO recoil.

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7 hours ago, PursuitSS said:

They CLAIM less, I can’t tell any difference.


Yeah, I figured. Well, improved recoil reduction without any INCREASED side blast, noise level and concussion is nothing to sneeze at either.

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