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Safariland ELS 032 sizing?

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Can someone give some insight into the sizing for the ELS competition belt?

How many inches should I add to the measured circumference of my waist for the belt? 2"? 4"? 6"?

Also, does anyone know how much longer the belt actually is vs the inches given for its size? For example, the Shooters Connection belts are 8" longer than their listed sizes.

What is the actual length for a size 40" Safariland ELS? Is it 40"? 44"? 46"? 48"?

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I actually called Safariland the other day to get the scoop. They said your inner belt is the actual measurement of your waist through your belt loops, so for me, 40, then for the outer belt add 2. Their numbers do not necessarily correlate to pant size. I wear a 36ish pant size, 36 is a bit loose, but 34 is a bit tight. So per their directions I need a 40 inner and 42 outer. I don't have my belt in hand yet so I can't help with the overall dimension question. 

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