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Heavy guide rod


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Hello all. I have a concern and wish your input. I bought a heavy guide rod with adapter for glock 34 gen 4. Don’t remember the material but it is heavier than factory. I bought it a Wolff. Anyway, the rod has, if I remember correctly, one end flat not threaded and the other side a small screw where the springs feeds into. However, just took my gun to get cerakoted and when I got it back I noticed the rod that was installed had both ends threaded. Where the spring goes looks normal. But the other side the Flat side is also threaded. Was I punked?

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I'd ask the Smith. My guess is it got mixed in with other parts (don't ask me why it how) rather than the guy said, "hey, I know what I'll do, swype this dude's guide rod and do x with it" although that could have been the case. I'd just bring it up, and see what he says.

That's just because I'm pretty sure about every smith (and person in the industry; nor am I a smith) knows, just about gun person is a Brutus. Quick to stab a friend in the throat for what they thought they saw was the faintest twinkle in your eye that you might be contemplating a scam. So most smiths that aren't crooks are very careful. Then there's the total crooks. But not many in-between. It's either everything is meticulously tracked, or your stuff is gone. That's my experience combined with the incidents I can recall off hand reading/typing.

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