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2 x STI DVC Open in 38S and 38SC


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1 x STI DVC Open in 38 Super

with 4 x STI Mags Gen 1


1 x STI DVC Open in 38 Super Comp

with 5 x “Crimped” STI Mags Gen 1



1. If they both run smoothly on their current setup, and I have the reloading materials for both, is it worth converting the 38S to 38SC? Or just leave it?


2. If I will convert the 38S to 38SC, is it possible to tune ALL the mags to both pistols? Or do I really need to dedicate mags for each pistol even if they become both 38S?


3. Is this conversion doable without a gunsmith? With Dawson tuning tools, dremel, youtube videos, forums, and common sense, is it worth trying to DIY the conversion and mag tuning? Is it true that I only need to change or tune the extractor and tune the mags to convert from 38S to 38SC?


Thanks in advance. Cheers!






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I shoot 38 super comp, if it was me I would convert to all super comp because it would make it easer for reloading and you wont need to bring different ammo for each gun.

The mags should be good to go with either ammo. The gun all you need to do is tune the extractor for super comp ammo. It may run both but you are better off tuning it

for the correct ammo.

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If your magazines run 38 Super, they will run 38 Super Comp, just fine and vice versa.  There isn't enough difference between the 2 to really matter as long as they are loaded to roughly equal OAL.


You may not need to change/tune the extractor.  My open guns will run both Super and Super Comp interchangeably.



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