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Ruger PC Charger 9 mm "pistol"?

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Just ordered a PC Charger pistol: it has a chassis identical to the PC Carbine M-Lok version, shorter 6.5" barrel, and bare pic rail at the rear end instead of telescoping stock.

In the parts bin, I have a folding/telescoping stock taken off a Sig MPX, a Kidd 10/22 trigger job kit, and a cheap red dot from Bushnell.


Need mags. Thinking of ordering a bunch of 10-round Glock mags. Will 9 mm ammo work in .40SW Glock magazines? Here in Canada, pistol mags are limited to 10 rounds of ammo the mag was designed for. Some Beretta, Sig P22x, and CZ mags in .40SW can accommodate up to 13 rounds of 9 mm, which would be nice to have.


Do I need/want a brake/compensator? It seems a comp would not be very useful with carbine length barrels (i.e. 14-18"), but the Charger is similar to an open pistol in this regard.

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