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High quality soft pistol bag made is USA?


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What that pic doesn't show is there is a pouch sewn on the outside big enough to carry a box r three of ammo.


here is their website:




and here is the bag I am talking about :




you should be able to get it in different colors.








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14 minutes ago, Jammer1911 said:

I can strongly recommend American Mountain Supply. Very well made.


+1 on American Mountain Supply.  Great people to work with.  Had a bag made for the wife's open gun.  Purple with her name 

embroidered on it.   5 years ago, still in great shape. 

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I have several of the MidwayUSA tactical bags, in different colors so I know what pistol is in the bag. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/939160870?pid=648356


I also like that the mag pouches are on the outside and the gun can just slide inside with the zipper open. No need to fold or unfold anything to insert the pistol. You can also carry spare parts, specific tools, etc in the other pockets. For Rimfire Steel Challenge I can keep the gun and mags together, load the mags while the pistol is still completely enclosed and take the bag to the table. Take the pistol out and fold the front flap open and get to my mags. For USPSA it just becomes my mag pouch that also has spare parts and tools for that specific pistol. Those things never leave that bag. So If I remember to bring the bag, I have everything I need for that pistol. I carry ammo, eyes and ears and anything else in my main range bag. 

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Boyt were but are no longer made in the U.S, and I do not think they still use brass zippers. When I bought my now "vintage" shotgun cases they were heavy canvas with brass furniture. Look for vintage Boyt cases they were the best made.

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