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Colt lower to Glock

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Probably a silly question but here goes. I have a Colt magazine style CMMG 9mm Pistol (5.5") with brace that I have set up for house gun (weapon light, suppressor) and I would like to swap out for a Glock lower for a couple reasons:


1- Consistency- since I first bought it I have picked up a couple Glock lower PCCs and I have Glock handguns


2. reliability - I cannot get it to feed reliably. I have Colt mags, converted Uzi mags, and promags and they don't run 100%. My Glock pccs run 100%


My question is can I use the existing upper and just get a complete Glock lower and slap them together? 


Do I need to just sell the whole thing and pick up a similar Glock based weapon?



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