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JP vertical comp

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In my opinion, the purpose of a comp is to keep a rifle as horizontal as possible without additional manipulation or force from the shooter. A rifle with no muzzle rise and low recoil will more easily produce faster and more accurate splits than a rifle that needs force from the shooter to keep flat. But of course, a skilled shooter can shoot a demanding rifle very well too.


"Shooting style" sounds more to me like "skill level in recoil control". Some say there is no inherent muzzle rise in the AR platform, that the percieved muzzle rise is just a consequence of the recoil pushing the shooter backwards. Since the push from the rifle hits the shooter high in the body, it makes the shooter lean backwards and the muzzle rises. True or not, to me it doesn't much matter, it's mostly semantics. I think all shooters benefits from a neutrally recoiling rifle and that if a skilled shooter needs to back off a bit and not counter the recoil as hard, this is simply a matter of adaption. But it should be easier to back off, than to get better at handling recoil. When a comp actually starts driving the muzzle down below neutral, that is too much - but that should be impossible in a long barrel ar9, no matter what JP claims.


This said, I think the real questions are:

Does the JP vertical comp work as advertised?

Does it counter muzzle rise even on longer (14-16") barrels, as JP claims?

For what loads does it work?


If we can establish this, then those who get muzzle rise and need more compensation can make an informed decision on a possible purchase.


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