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Purchased a used 1993 witness


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Greetings everyone,


I recently found a deal on a used Tanfoglio witness chambered in 38 super imported in 1993.  The gun needs a lot of work as it looks like bubba got his hands on it.  I'd like to bring it up-to-date but I don't know what exactly is stock on this and what was an "enhancement" to the previous owner.  I'm hoping this turns into a fun project gun.


Here are my questions about this old witness:

1. Did the frame come drilled for the optic mount when this was imported?

2. Is the compensator a custom job or was this a model that widely offered? 

3. There is a serious amount of play between the comp, slide, and guide rod.  What would it take to fix this?

4. Is there any vendors that offer new 38 super barrels?




Thanks everyone!



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Scan 2020-7-20 21.18.48.pdfScan 2020-7-20 21.18.48.pdf


Since everybody else is holding back with supplying a scan from a '93 EAA catalog, I'll give it a try. Dug this out of the files in the garage.  Doesn't everybody have 27 year old gun catalogs?


It was indeed "Brian Enos' Choice".


1) Yes, frame was drilled for optic.

2) Looks like your comp probably started as stock but the holes in the side were not factory. Widely offered.

3) Don't know.

4) Search this forum on the topic of barrels. Since this is an old gun, I'm guessing you might have to rely on EAA for your barrel. A few companies used to make barrels for this like Storm Lake and even Bar-Sto but not any more.


Good luck.


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