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Reloading 38 Super


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My Dillon Square Deal B is currently setup for 9mm. I have reloaded 9mm for 7 years and so changing to 38 Super is an uncharted territory for me.


What needs to be changed on my current machine? Based on my initial research I only need to change the dies, is this info correct?


Also, how much powder is too much inside a 38 super brass? My 9mm reloads are only filled up to 70% as I shot minor before. Is it true that compressed loads are dangerous and has risk of exploding while reloading? How much powder inside the brass is too much or too compressed?


For Major power factor, using Winchester Auto Comp, how much powder should I start with? What is the equivalent powder of WAC in Alliant? We have very limited powder options here in Australia at the moment, as we await for the replacement powder for ADI AP100.


Thanks in advance. Cheers!



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Should just be the dies. A 38sc is a longer 9mm so everything else is the same. 


If your shooting open major i don't think theres such thing as too much powder. I was running 10.4 grains of aa7 for the longest time which is 180 pf. 


In either case you will want to consult the loading stats for that particular powder and load a ladder up from there to determine what powder charge functions your slide and comp the most effectively


You will find that with 38sc you have a much larger amount of room in the case since the brass is longer than 9mm

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You will want more than just the dies for the SDB.  setting them up every time you change back and forth is a hassle.  Buy an extra tool head and your swaps will be painless.  https://www.dillonprecision.com/square-deal-b-toolhead_8_114_23510.html


Compressed charges are not a hazard.   38S has a lot of case capacity, so why hobble yourself with WAC.  Use more of a slower powder.  3N38 is the fastest powder I would use for 38S.  SWMP, AA7, etc. are better suited.



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