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Mega Monolithic


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Does anyone know how many of the mega monolithic single rail MTS-420-V2 were made before they were discontinued because of the  patent infringement lawsuit ? I have one and am  just wondering how rare they might be.  Thanks in advance for any help,  captn-tin.

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No idea how many were made.  I have one that I used for a build for PRS gas gun.   Haven't made it to a single match with it.  :(

It's a very quality upper.  There are still a few floating around available.   I wouldn't hang onto it as a collectible.  Use it and enjoy it.  I used a JP LMOS carrier for both performance and the increased bearing surface doesn't eat away upper receiver material the way that mil-spec carriers do.  I keep it well lubed and expect it to last through quite a few barrels.










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