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Jimmie Norton, last shot fired


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Jimmie Norton had a stroke in May, and was hospitalized for about two
months. He has been in hospice since leaving the hospital; he passed
away on Saturday, July 4th.

Jimmie was the last of the original group of shooters at the pistol
competition in Micanopy, having started with them in 1987. He worked
as the Biological Sciences lab manager at UF for over 30 years, and
was the steady father figure of the group from the time I started
shooting with them in 2005 until his health started to fail in 2017.

We will all miss his cheerful Santa-like presence and the bright
Hawaiian shirts he was known for throughout his professional career.


Jimmie had a thing for his AMT Hardballer Longslides...he shot them so much, that he was often looking for parts. The ejectors on those models were built into the frame and couldn't be replaced, and he had several that were so worn down, they wouldn't eject. He said at one time, he had almost 300k rounds on one of them.


He was one of the main reasons I wanted to get better at shooting, and was a wealth of knowledge about reloading. He will be missed.



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Very late with this post in honor of Jimmie.  He was the first to welcome me to the Wednesday night pin shooters in Micanopy, FL.  Running late one night trying to improve and practice my accuracy at the range I did not know the range was closed. Jimmie was early as usual for the weekly pin shoot and he welcomed me to stay and shoot with the group.  At the time I knew nothing of any kind of competition shooting, let alone what USPSA or IPSC was.   The group welcomed me like I was family.  Good times that I miss very much.   Jimmie and his burnt fires at Sonny's barbecue.  Thankyou Jimmie for the good times and all you taught me.

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