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34 gr Nosler FBHP-Load info for 3 gun ammo

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Does any have any starting load for .223 34 gr Nosler bullets?  I got a good deal on the bullets and I'm looking to reload for bay type 3 gun stages.


There is plenty of load info for prairiedog hunting with high velocity,  but I'm trying the velocity bring it down a little.


I primarily use H335 or TAC.  Any info would be appreciated. 

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So I loaded up the 34gr bullets with 21gr of H335.  The bullets grouped within an inch at 50yds with almost zero recoil.  I had to open up my adjustable gas block by half a turn so the rifle could cycle.

 My spare 3 gun rifle with a fixed adjustable gas block would not cycle the rifle.  Overall I’m impressed with the lack of recoil of the round.  I will definitely use this round in 3 gun matches for bay stages.  Next step is to Chrono the round.

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Is there a required power factor?  If so, that would be a factor when considering the load.


USPSA Multigun rules, if I'm reading them right, states a 150 power factor for rifle.  With a 34gr bullet, that needs something over 4400 fps.

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There is only one USPSA Multigun match that is popular.  Multigun Nationals. 


I'll post up chrono data, next time I go out to the range.

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I did something very similar with light Speer bullets and 335 myself. I had a super-light BCG and light buffer/spring assembly in the gun and it ran great until the gun started getting a bit dirty. Like you said, almost no gun movement in "recoil". I think I ran mine over the Chrono with about the same charge and was just over 2000fps out of a 16" barrel...

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