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OAL for 38sc

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Ive been loading to 1.230 or there abouts, usually +/- about .003 on either side of that (1.227-1.233)


I was wanting to load it a bit longer so the bullet hits the feed ramp already angled to go into the tube, because currently the bullet comes straight in and hits the feed ramp straight on, before the weight of the slide pushes the bullet into the tube.  


Anyone have any starting ideas on a bit longer of a length to load to?  Could i go to 1.250...or push it up to 1.3?


This is for 38 sc

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A limiting factor would be your magazines. I used to load 1.250”-1.260” and sometimes the rounds would get hung up in the magazine. 

I load my rounds 1.225”-1.235”. 121 grain Zero JHP.


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10 hours ago, McGunner said:

I’ve always loaded between 1.235-1.240 myself. I’ve had issues with going above 1.245 with not being able to rack out a live round on occasion. 

Same here

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