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Ice cream trucks....


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Matt Wolff takes the Rocket Mortgage Classic by 3 strokes with a -19 for three rounds in a spectacular game of golf. What was his secret?

“I have to give credit to the ice cream truck that was circling the property,” said Wolff, who was 19-under 197 after three rounds. “I’m not joking, actually.”
“I heard the ice cream truck and I’m like, ‘I have a good feeling about this,‘ ” Wolff recalled. “Just had that little like ice cream truck song in my head. I think that helped me just not think about the speed or the line or anything, just keep my head free.”

This is a perfect example of not "thinking" about what you're doing and just do it. The ice cream truck song playing through his head kept him relaxed, happy and not thinking about the mechanics of what he was doing. This allowed him to just DO what he knows.

Same applies to shooting and any other sport. Stop thinking about what and how and all the other crap and just DO it.

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13 hours ago, stick said:

That's a good analogy.  The other thing I started doing was to stop watching other shooters shoot the stage after I have my stage plan in my head.

Lot of truth to “a bad plan executed well will turn out better than trying to change your plan right before shooting.” I always tell new guys to shoot their plan even if it sucks. Don’t go to the line with 1-2 other plans rolling around in your head

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