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No NFA subforum... Looking for a 9mm can recommendation

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I am looking for recommendations for a 9mm suppressor.  Would be shared between a 9mm AR pistol and a G17.  Ideally I think I want a dedicated 9mm not one that can be converted into various calibers.  I have a dead air mask .22 can and really like it but wanted to see if I should consider other manufacturers/models.  Thanks in advance.

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I have an omega 9K that lives on my CZ scorpion attached with a three lug mount. For the size it’s very hard to beat. I shoot 147s subsonic out of it. Even 124/135s shooting outside are ok without ear protection. I haven’t used it on a 300blk but I don’t it will be as quiet as a dedicated 30 cal suppressor. 

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On 7/4/2020 at 11:59 AM, ltdmstr said:

SilencerCo Omega 9k is great for 9mm, but not sure how well it works for other calibers.

It’s only rated for 9mm & 300blk. I’ve read a few places of guys shooting 556 out of it but I believe it’s not recommended due to pressure differences  

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I have a Rugged Obsidian 9. It's modular so it can be configured long or short (K config). I bought it during a promo at Silencershop, and it came with 5 extra pieces of accessories including a 3-lug mount for free .


I shot it on 9mm pistols, 22LR pistols, 9mm ARs, 300BLK ARs (subsonic). With a subsonic 147gr 9mm rounds, it's very quiet on a Beretta 92 and CZ Scorpion EVO (7" bbl).


At home, it lives on on my G19 inside a drawer on my night stand, in its short configuration.


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look at the mystic x by liberty.  I have the Infiniti which is an older all titanium version of the original mystic.  it is rated for a ton of calibers so it's not just 9mm   liberty is a great small business with innovative edm wire cores.  prices are great and they have adapters for shooting on center fire rifles as well as pistols.  

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