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Foot Activator

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10 hours ago, aandabooks said:

MGM Targets makes a nice one that has the ability activate 2 at the same time.


This is the one I’ve seen most commonly at matches I’ve been to. Just be aware that sometimes you have to set both sides even if you’re only activating stuff off of one side in order to avoid having it accidentally trigger while you’re setting it. 

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IIRC, the Manny Stomp Pad was at the 2019 Area 6 Championship. I saw a video with Hwansik K. Please note: I don't want this video to be sole reference point--it's just the only video that popped up in my head and it does show it in action.


It's a neat design and you can have some fun with it in a stepping-stone/the grass is lava kind of way.


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