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TSO frame with Shadow 2 slide


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I'll post a picture of this abomination later, but would there be any issues with a Shadow 2 slide and a Tac sport 9mm frame? I know it looks stupid with the extended dust cover past the slide and barrel, and it does stick out a little in the back too. The hammer at rest seems to be the same which is what matters. 


Hand racking with a dummy round and slide lock all seem to function fine. 


The particular Shadow 2 upper that I have is milled for an optic so it would be fun to try it with the TSO SA and heavy frame. 

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3 hours ago, Lowsc3 said:

I wonder how the frame to slide fit is. 

It's much better than I thought. I thought there would be some plan in the rails that would cause some concern, but there's no movement. 


Aside from the frame sticking out, the shadow 2 slide is also about the same width as the TSO frame. 



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Gave it a brief go today and it fed and functioned almost perfectly. The SRO flew off the slide after a few rounds unfortunately so will have to resecure it with some better screws and threadlocker.  


The slide hangs out the back of the frame but the hammer rest point is exactly the same. So no issues with the important geometry parts. 

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