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Too many guns

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My dealer has a really good selection of guns and I’m wanting to get something different to mess with. I typically shoot Glocks. 

Today I handled an X5 Legion, Shadow 2 Orange, A01LD, and a couple other things like a P210 Target that’s insanely awesome but doesn’t make sense for any gun games and a Tactical Sport 9mm that’s cool but I’m not shooting Limited minor. 

Wanted the X5 Legion because I like the frame idea and the price but compared to the CZs they are just mediocre if that makes sense. Might shoot great and all. 

the Shadow 2 Orange and A01LD are close enough in price to not matter. Sort of leaning towards the A01 I guess but am I missing something to choose one of those over the other?


The other thing making this hard is that there’s this IDPA club that shoots once a month almost walking distance from my house. Thought about dabbling in that inferior sport lol just for convenience. Don’t think any of the guns I’ve listed are legal there. Could show up with a Glock or could get a gun that’s legal in both. The dealer had a Shadow Target II as well that I believe is IDPA legal and they had some custom shop short dust cover gun too. Not sure what model but looked like an SP01 frame so should be legal too. 


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What fun are guns you don't get to shoot? I use the CZC 75 Shadow in USPSA because I like the balance, it might be the short dust cover option at your shop.


I'd get an IDPA legal one and walk on over.


I thought this was a different topic though. My gun safes are full and there's not much left on my wish list so I started buying reloading equipment instead. Picked up a used 1050 with autodrive at the end of last year for what you're considering putting into another pistol.

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