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Is my index plate "done for"?

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Om having rough indexing and sideways primer issue with my SDB.

Took my shell plate off and found this.

That is a very deep groove worn where the index bolt sits.

Bottom of the holes where the primer cup goes looks damaged too.



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Called dillon  they said it should not affect the function but offered to send a new one out. I already ordered one so i declined.

I checked my primer slide cup/pin/spring assembly and it was too long, the set screw was basically loose, made it proper length.


I am now trying to sort out the plate popping/jumping at the last 1/4 of upstroke. 

It looks like the metal arm that pushes on the metal shell plate pushes inside the plate instead of pushing it out and it seems that is where the snag and sudden jump in my plate happens.




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