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150 gr load data


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There's enough data for 147 grain loads here on the forum. Start there and work around them until you get the accuracy and feel you're looking for.


You should mention which brand 150 grain FN you using. That will help some provide what they are doing with the particular bullet.

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So there are Lott’s of cast Bullets that are “147” but actually weigh out closer to 150.

One of the brands of coated bullets I use is closer to 149-150 and I use 2.9-3.0gr titegroup at 1.100” depending on the firearm to make minimum PF for uspsa. They are also .357” dia so that may or may not affect it I’m not sure

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This was in my PCC.  It might offer a starting point.


Bullet Brand Bayou
Bullet Type Round Nose
Bullet Weight 160gr
Powder Name Titegroup
Powder Weight 2.5gr
Primer Federal
COL 1.14
Average Chronograph Speed 903.7
Standard Deviation 14.28
Chronograph Speed Low/High 886 923
Power Factor 144
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