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Can somebody help this guy? The hammer moves forward when he pulls the trigger??


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This is my cousin shooting his S&W 586. There is a problem with the trigger/hammer. You can see in the second trigger pull the cylinder turns but the hammer camms forward. I've never seen anything like this before. I shot it also and it happened many times.


Neither one of us short stroked it.


I even removed my finger completely out of the trigger guard to make sure after every shot and it still did it. The gun has not been modified in any way and only has a couple hundred rounds through it. About 2-3 years old.


Does anyone have any ideas on what is wrong?




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Sear isn't resetting. 

The sear could be too long or more than likely the reset clearance angle isn't big enough.

The reset angle is the small angle at the bottom of the sear between the flat face of the sear and the bottom of the sear where the trigger lifts the sear when shooting DA.

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