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Shadow 2 Trigger Help


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I recently switched to the shadow 2 and don’t know the internals as well as some other guns. I was at the range today when the gun suddenly developed a trigger issues. I have about 5k rounds on the gun and bought it used. It was used very little before I got it. It has the Cajun trigger kit installed. 

The issue is that the trigger suddenly doesn’t work in double action. Had just loaded the gun and manually decocked before holstering. Nothing felt strange. Upon drawing and attempting to shoot, the trigger moves without the hammer. I noticed that I could pull the hammer back about a millimeter and heat and feel a click. The trigger works at that clock. It is not the half cock position as I can still pull the hammer back further and have it stop at half cock. So there are now 4 positions. Where it rests after being decocked or dry fired, the first click where it works, half cock, and fully cocked. 

I took the gun apart and can’t figure out why this is happening yet. Any help would be appreciated.  


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47 minutes ago, hitman_usmc said:

Got some replacement screws.  Nothing further needed.  Thanks again. 

Make sure you loctite them in place or else you'll have the same issues again, trust me on that. Blue worked well for me

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My S2 took a dump on me at the range today. Single action ok, double action no go. Everything looked ok, trigger screw, trigger bar spring,trigger return spring etc. Finally went home and took it apart, there was a tiny pebble about the size of a pin head between the trigger bar at the front and the frame. Trigger could not move far enough ahead to reset. I figure the pebble hitchhiked in via a mag since I was practicing mag changes at the time. I did give the mags a shake and a wipe between changes but that one got by me.

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