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holster setup / placement help


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Hey guys I joined up on this forum to start practicing with some actually purpose and get some tips from the vets. I picked up a timer and went through a couple hundred rounds working on my draw from a OWB holster (comp-tac with blade tech drop offset hanger) at 7 yards I was averaging 1.3 - 1.4 with a hit in the A zone. I'm not familiar AT ALL with OWB (3'0clock) holsters as I carry AIWB.


Can anyone point me to a good resource on setup like height, cant, hand placement, etc? once I can get a good hand placement / grip on the gun I feel like I can handle the rest. I dont know if any of this makes sense and I know that repetition is key, but I'm just kinda in a new world with an OWB holster. The thing flops around too much so I bought a boss? hanger hopefully that helps a little.



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I will pass on what I was taught some time ago. The gun in holster should be in line with your hand when coming up from your arms at your side. The cant should also follow your hand raising angle.

If you match this angle, when starting with your hands up, it should fall right in line.

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