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Rem. RP9 18rd 9MM Mags

Para 16

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If you have an older Para full size in 9x19, the RP9 mags are a very good fit. And at $20 / mag... a bargain.

The Mag base sits flush with my P16-40 ( no mag funnel ) ... however the "beak" of the mag plastic base is more pronounced then the OEM P16-40 mag... I'd bet a little sanding will contour it to a better shape.

While I don't have a 9MM full size Para. to test feeding... a .40 HST would feed grudgingly into the 40 cal. barrel when fed from the 9MM mag.

I wouldn't recommend using the 9MM mag for your .40 pistol... but that did tell me the feed is most likely fine in a 9MM Para full size frame.

Anyway... $20 bucks a mag.... Off to find a 9MM conversion barrel for the P16-40


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On 2/7/2021 at 2:43 PM, MuayThaiJJ said:

Will these mags work in a pre-2015 STI?


If other Para-pattern mags work in your gun (or Armscor/MecGar), there's no reason to think that these wouldn't. I've heard mixed results with trying to cross the Para/STI streams, though - sometimes the combination works (usually with modifications), sometimes it doesn't.

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