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Prime me: precise and repeatable trigger pulls.


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After some reading, studying pictures..


This pistol design is a compromise of competing spring pressures. Too much imbalance makes issues.


If I wanted to retain factory slide/trigger springs.. with the goal of reducing overtravel and takeup much as possible..


Could a person use one of those ghost connectors that is fitted in pair with an apex trigger shoe/pad? I was thinking the tactical 5lbs connector with a good polishing and fitting, gen3 trigger bar that is equally polished and stoned flat where striker mates would perform well.


My goal is very precise and repeatable trigger pulls. Anything around 4.5lbs weight on a gauge is fine. This is for edc type use. I would rather more of the crisp break feel.


All this said, I have wondered about roland special style setups. What is the consensus of those aluminum comps? Especially with some 124gr +p loads. Something around 1200-1250fps.


Lastly, ismi or wolff recoil springs? It seems some people claim ismi springs 'stack' and are generally less stiff than their rating. Whereas wolff is claimed to be more stiff when 15lbs springs are compared(as example) from both ismi and wolff. I also was informed sometimes the wolff springs are very close to coil bind during full stroke of slide.


Thank you all.

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On 6/24/2020 at 9:57 PM, floater said:

Give Johnny Glock a call, bet he can answer your question.


On 6/25/2020 at 12:35 PM, Jamese35 said:

I'm with floater, give Johnny Glock a call. If there is any formula for Glock triggers, he has it. 

Plus 2.

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On 6/23/2020 at 1:50 PM, Specialneeds said:

This is for edc type use.



All this said, I have wondered about roland special style setups.


So you are planning on taking arguably one of the most reliable service weapons in the world and bastardize it with a slew of aftermarket parts and use it for EDC? Interesting.




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  • ChuckS changed the title to Prime me: precise and repeatable trigger pulls.

Wondering and actually doing are two things.

It seems like a very popular thing.


After researching a bit, it seems just working over a glock minus connector and tinkering with factory parts will generate a desired result.


Would you care to explain why this is such a problem? I have limited experience with these types of guns. That said,who does not want to reduce pre and post travel?


It seemed to me, quite a few persons have fielded the 'roland special bulls#!t'. In so far, a few guys who actually rely on weapons for survival told me about said fecal matter. Until recently, I never heard of it.



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I’ve taken a deep dive into this topic in the last 2 weeks or so with getting my first Glock 34.  This is what I learned..


Johnny Glock is A master and I am planning on getting a setup. So if you want a drop-in setup just go there. 

For me, I wet sanded and buffed my ( - ) connector, added a 6lb trigger spring, and reduced power safety plunger. I also bought the gun with an Overwatch Precision DAT trigger. It really helps with the take-up by getting their trigger. 

I went very conservative on the polishing and sanding as to only remove tooling and not change geometry. Johnny Glock has tons of videos online that I watched before doing mine. 

I just shot a match this weekend and had 0 hiccups except for a FTF that was ammo related. I also checked out another competitors Glock 34 with only a 4lb striker spring. It was a very light Trigger but I have worry with reliability unless you know your primers. 

Recoil springs is the next thing I want to dive into as I have a tungsten guide rod in mine now. 

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