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Sig Romeo 3 Max on M&P CORE

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I haven't seen any other M&P's with the Sig Romeo 3 Max so I got the C-More RTS2 adapter and gave it a shot - and it works! It does overhang the barrel hood a fair bit, but I've had no ejection issues. An added plus is the optic covers up the loaded chamber indicator hole, so the glass doesn't get fouled up by smoke. I wonder if it'll gradually erode the bottom of the sight, but I doubt it has enough pressure to do that. I'll continue to try this in Carry Optics - looking to determine whether I like this or the Trijicon SRO better. Obviously with the Romeo 3 Max being higher you can't co-witness with the sights like you can with the SRO. Nevermind the flashlight/laser, I only use that to re-zero when changing optics.


There's a small gap between the sight and the barrel, so it doesn't seem like it interfering with the barrel is an issue.



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I've got a DPP mounted on my M&P9 2.0 CORE and the front of the lens does indeed get sooted up after a bunch of rounds.  I wonder if the loaded chamber witness hole leaks enough gas that a piece of tape over it would be blown off.  If it doesn't, I could keep the lens cleaner that way.

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