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First 9mm loads w/ BBI 125gr


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Hey folks, I'm a reloading newbie and just completed my first 9mm loads and shot them at the range. I loaded 125gr CN coated Black Bullets Intl., over 3.8gr of Titegroup. Using the Hodgdon reloading data for 125gr LCN, the starting load was 3.6gr (1002 fps) and max load 4.0gr (1096 fps). I had to start with 3.8gr due to using the Lee auto-disk powder measure, there was no hole for 3.6gr. I understand that these will shoot differently than the plain lead bullet which this load data is for, but my chronograph results were 1114-1129 fps, so I'm getting higher velocity with 3.8gr than the data says I should get for a max charge of 4.0gr (although for a non-coated bullet). Shot from a Walther PPQ w/ 4.6 inch barrel.

So 2 questions I have:

-Does the coating make that much of a difference, that I'm getting ~75 fps higher velocity than the load data says for the same weight plain lead bullet?

-Do I need to reduce my charge down to 3.7gr or 3.6gr, or is the higher velocity at 1114-1129 fps okay to shoot with these coated bullets?


Thank you in advance!

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