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Starline .38 SC brass vs .38 Super


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Is it true that besides the reduced rim diameter that the SC brass is also much thicker towards the rear of the case?


I'm going to get set up for loading .38 Super soon and am still torn on which way to go brass wise.  I don't currently have function issues so don't NEED SC as far as I know but it seems that so many people say that eventually they experience rim lock and then move on to SC brass.


My issue with the SC brass though (besides POSSIBLY needing to adjust extractors, which I don't want to do but I understand most guns extract both) is I have heard that the thicker web can limit you to shorter and lighter bullets because heavies will bulge out the case where it is thick.  I'm only really interested in loading 158s and 180s so if those will bulge SC brass that will rule that out.


I'd just hate to pull the trigger on a few thousand pieces of new brass and then change gears when I run into an issue.

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