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C-More Red Dot

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Generally, your comb height will relate to the view you have through the window. Too low or too high and the dot will be at the top or bottom of the glass due to the angle you are looking through the window.  You can add risers to the rail or comb to control this if need be. You want the mounted gun to give u a good window view.


After that, adjusting elevation on the optic itself should not move the dot so substantially that it's out of the field of view. It's adjusted with set screws on the optic. Generally a few clicks to get it dialed in. 

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I'm the same as Old3gnr. When I "sight in" I try to keep the dot centered. But when shooting a stage it doesn't seem to matter if the dot is not exactly in the middle. It still hits where that dot is. How that happens is a mystery to me, but it just works. I love the c-more for the unobstructed view it offers.

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2 hours ago, Old3GNR said:

I've been running C-Mores for 25 years on pistols and rifles.  The dot stays in the center when adjusted.  On my JP I run it in the most forward position attached directly to the rail and have no issues.


What size dot do you run? Thanks. 

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The technical answer would be yes. The layman's answer would be no.


If you keep your eye position fixed and adjust the elevation, the dot will move. But it is not moving much, 60 moa is 1°. So visually it doesn't move.


With a red dot, you are seeing the reflection of the dot focused at infinity. If you draw a line from the target to your eye, the dot will be where it intersects the lens. If you move you head up, the dot will "move" up on the lens, but still remain on target. If you move your head closer, the dot will "appear" smaller, but remain the same size relative to the target. If you move your head back really far, the dot can fill the lens, but still remain the same size relative to the target. 

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On 6/19/2020 at 6:55 PM, MLS2GO said:

What size dot do you run? Thanks. 

I also have run a railway on several guns including my current PCC. Very reliable. No riser needed. I prefer an 8min dot. It is a good size for USPSA distances. 0-100 yds.

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On 6/23/2020 at 2:05 PM, egd5 said:

I've been shooting an 8moa, but just changed to a 6. Haven't shot a match yet, but I think it will be better.

I shot my first uspsa match Sunday with the 6 moa. I like it better.


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Bought my first C-More an 8 MOA and used it in an USPSA Match today for the first time and loved it.I am excited to try the bigger dot on Steel Challenge too. Previously I have shot mostly a Leupold Delta Point Pro. After a few matches I will know more.

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