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I have a STI Gen 1 9mm mag with the spacer 140 length. The problem is the bottom of the follower catches on the mag body when it is empty and you are trying to load it. The follower needs to be just a touch longer. I have seen where this has happened before but didn't see an answer. So is there another follower that will work or has anyone glued a dab of epoxy on the bottom to make the follower a touch longer depth wise or was there something else to try? This is an all original mag no other parts installed in it.

Thanks Brad

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sounds like the follower is getting caught at the bottom of the control ribs transition at the bottom of the tube?   Best thing to do, IMO, is smooth out that transition.  I don't use factory guts in my tubes but rather grams but I never have a problem with the follower hanging up at that control ribs transition area.  realize grams followers are shorter in height than factory guts so don't think just changing to that will fix your problem.

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3 hours ago, vtecpaoche said:

I'm using the grams followers and do not have this issue.  Maybe that follower will help.


The Grams follower/spring set will catch the slide stop tab on the edge of the mag body on some Gen 1 STI magazines when trying to load the first round.   Either learn to push the follower slightly to the side away from the slide stop tab and down into the mag body far enough to clear the slide stop tab with your thumb before loading the first round, or grind/sand/file a very small amount off the slide stop tab so that it doesn't catch on the edge of the mag body.  If you don't get completely carried away, the tab will still activate a standard slide stop.

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