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Grams follower kit, P320, 40 cal


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Have 14 round P320, 40 cal magazines with Taran extended base pads (140 mm).   With springs that came with base pads and factory followers, I can reliably load and reload on 19 rounds. This week,  I received Grams follower/spring kits that are supposed to add 1 additional round (20).  The Grams will only allow me to load 18 rounds (with much difficulty). I bent my Lula loading to 18. 


I have chamfered and smoothed the edges of the base pads as well as the follower. This allowed me to increase capacity from 16 to 18 rounds. 


Have emailed and called Grams Engineering for assistance and am awaiting their call. 


Anyone else had similar issues?  Any advice?

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FYI, Grams Engineering is a one man shop (him) and is busy re-tooling it.  Don't be surprised if it takes quite a long time for him to reply.  If Beven (that is his first name) does get back to you he will probably ask if the tube is within spec dimensions internally.   These are dimensions for a 2011 double stack tube, they might be similar for yours, just trying to help. 

The ideal internal width between the control ribs is 0.815” for typ. Reloaded ammo, no narrower than 0.790”, no wider than 0.825” and keep tube square.  Too narrow left to right and there is less capacity.  Too wide left to right and the rounds can start to stack incorrectly and bind on each other


And if you are saying you messed with his followers by smoothing and chamfering there might be less inclination to help you.

Good luck.

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