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Side charging handles

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I did a search and couldn’t find anything that would answer a question I have. Have any of you used a side charging handle conversion on you PCC build? I’m looking for feedback on set-ups like the ones sold by GFG and Devil Dog Concepts. Thank you. [emoji16]



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Right now I’ve got a Quarter Circle 10 side charger.  Overall, I really like it.


On the play side, manipulating the bolt is just easier all the way around during administration actions - make ready, unload/clear, etc. While not a big deal, it’s kind of nice. 


Table starts/Unloaded starts are definitely faster.


The downside is that on a table start a rear charger with a big paddle on the charging handle was kinda propped up in such a way as to really let you scoop it up into your hand. With the side charger it lays down in such a way where the barrel is tilted slightly up. First time I did that we were using an old wooden spool as a table as scraped a big splinter under a fingernail which was less than pleasant. Now days, I’ll get my knee under the end of the stock and kind of pop it up into my hand if the situation allows, and that’s really fast. 

That being said, if I were to do it again, I’d just get a Gibbs (who makes them for QC10) soI could get the larger competition handle. 


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Got a NFA side charger on a Glock mag NFA clone lower from ATI gun and a Matrix Arms on a Spikes Colt lower.


Both work great, as stated make cycling bolt easier, and not a huge deal, but still cool. When I got them, they were on sale for about $150.00 or so. They're cool, and I like them but I wouldn't spend more than what I did on them. LRBHO on NFA is less than impressive, almost never worked, so I removed it. Matrix Arms is on a Colt mag lower, so uses LRBHO in the lower, better option.

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I had the Devil Dog for a while. It is a bit heavy. I did have a piece break in a match which they replaced. It seems the effort to rack the bolt is greater than the original setup so in the end I went back to stock. Seems like a good idea for some things though.

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