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Hogue Grips in USPSA Production?


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USPSA production question...


My daughter has started shooting her Beretta 92FS in USPSA production division.  Last weekend we were firmly told that her Hogue grips with the wrap around finger grooves are not production legal, but when we went to the rule book, we (myself and the shooter with the opinion) could not find the applicable rule, and were then given another opinion that this was an older prohibition and no longer applies.  I cannot find a clear answer to this one in the book:


D4.21.4 says. "21.4 Grips -Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are allowed. Replacement grip panels are allowed provided they do not extend below the butt of the gun to form a makeshift magwell."


D4.22.2 says, "22.2 Grips -Non-OFM gripmodifications (addition or removal of material) that provide function, such as a beavertail or thumb rest are prohibited."


[Revolver-specific language removed for clarity]


Dad reads this as aftermarket grip panels which do not extend to form a magwell [legal], and the addition of finger grooves [also legal], but now she's all worked up.  We're shooting a level 2 match next month and would prefer to not have drama.  


What d'yall think--and, if I missed it, please cite the rule so I'll be better educated?




Steve and Harley-Grace


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15 hours ago, Kraj said:

This is 2020 as long as it's not a red dot, comp, or magnet is good to go for production 


There’s waaaaaaay too much truth in that statement. 

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