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CZ Shadow 1 upper on SP-01 or 75B? Pictures Inside


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Recently I was able to acquire CZ Shadow 1 complete upper .

My plan was to install it on my existing 75B or SP-01 (CZ custom shop modified gun).

Unfortunately, the CZ Shadow 1 slide wouldn't slide in either lowers.

It looks like my 75B and SP-01 slides have firing pin block and the Shadow upper doesn't have it.


Does anyone know which CZ lower fits w/ Shadow 1 upper shown on the pic?

Any modification I could do in order to work with my existing 75B or SP-01?


Sorry for the stupid question... searched the net and couldn't find the answer.









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Buy a spacer



Remove the block and its spring from your slide. Remove the lifter from the seat cage and replace w the spacer. Reassemble. 


Now your shadow upper will fit on your frame. You also will no longer have a legal gun in most divisions if you're a competitor. 

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1 hour ago, kwelhand said:

Thank you....exactly  what I need. 
Yeah... not into competition now but who knows.

Thanks again for valuable info guys!

There are a few good tutorials on doing just what you want to do even just searching google

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