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Roll pin on bolt keeps backing out

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Hey all,


I am currently running a RRA 9mm Bolt in my rifle and, since owning the thing, the pin on the bolt that retains the weight keeps backing out.  I pretty much have to check it between stages to make sure that it doesn't cause me trouble.


What can i do about this?  I've already tried replacing the pin but that hasn't helped. 


A new bolt?  A pin that i haven't seen before?  I'm all ears.


Thank you.

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You might get by with green loctite in that application.  That's what I used on my wife's PCC, but it hasn't seen many rounds since.  Have had excellent luck with fixing very, very loose rear sights.

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If you’re sure you want to stick with the mass longterm, I’d spot weld the pin into the bolt if it were my rifle.


Permanent if you don’t do anything to it, but some work with a dremel can still remove it someday if needed.


...but then again, I have a rather nice welder in the garage. 😁

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I'm going the green lock tite solution first.  If it's still fussy i'm gonna go with spot welds.  Thanks all!


FYI: as a good reference for other PCC shooters looking for a replacement bolt weight retaining pin, i've posted the pins i just received and seem to work well.  They feel MUCH tighter than the OEM pin.  This in conjunction with green lock tite should do the trick... i think.






1/4" by 7/8" Steel Coiled Spring Pin




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