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Mag catch unlocking STI 1911


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I've recently acquired an STI Lawman 45 new old stock from a small local dealer closing up to retire. 

Nice single stack but had a couple issues. 

Issue #1  The ejector fell out when the slide was removed prior to shooting it.  New pin, ejector and drill from Dawson's took care of that. 

Issue #2  The mag catch unlocks and pops partially out while shooting.  Locks up the mag so it can't be removed.  Have to twist the screw head (yeah I know it's not a screw) to get it to come all the way out and then re-locked.  Never had one do this in 50 years of shooting 1911's.  I'm going to try new spring and release pin to see if that'll take care of it as soon as they come in. 

Anyone ever seen this and fixed it?


I really expected a bit more quality control, fit, finish from STI but it's basically solid and should make a good SS backup for my old Baer.  Price was too good to pass up.




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I have had that issue. What I found was that the mag release was too tight in the frame. I had to sand it down a little so it didn't stick. Try removing the spring and the release pin and see if the catch is tight when you put it all the way into the frame.

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I had something similar a few years ago. I determined that the bullets were contacting the mag catch as they moved upwards as the next round was stripped off. I had one mag that was out of spec, smacked it around with a hammer fixed it

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