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right foot's been bothering me for a while, chalked it up to getting old... in an unrelated thread, my trusty lowas were finally worn out and soles separating so i (very begrudglingy) spent some $$ on a new pair of Solomon speedcross 5's. Holy cr@p these things are insanely comfortable, all of a sudden the constant ache in the ball of my right foot is not so bad anymore... who would have thought 😆


i feel a lot like when i remember to take a .22 to the range - what a great idea, how come i didn't think of this before / do this more often. 


i'm putting a recurring nag in the calendar to buy a new pair of shoes every year. 

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Bought a pair of Merrill boots a few years ago. Most comfortable things I've had on my feet. 'Bout time to get a new pair.


Occasionally I buy a cheap pair of sneakers and it's always a reminder of why I don't buy cheap crap.

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