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Ambi Shooting?


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Just curious if there’s any rule against switching hands during a COF? I know a few people that shoot well left or right handed and wondered if it would be to any advantage on a target that you really have to bend around a barrel to shoot. Have watched some people almost fall getting twisted into position for a good shot. Or would it just be too time consuming?

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No rules unless stated in the course of fire, but nearly all top shooters stick with their strong hand even on hard weak hand leans.


The reason for this is mainly due to your shooting eye. The gun is still going to be between your eye and the target, regardless of what hand is holding the gun. Now, if you could control which eye is the shooting eye and were truly ambidextrous, then...no it's still slower to switch hands in the middle of a course of fire. Timewise, it's worse than doing a reload.


There was a World Shoot that had a symmetrical stage. On each side, there was a gymnast's ring where the shooter pulls on it with one hand to reveal a target, then lean and shoot with the other hand. I'm guessing it was the stage setter's intention for shooters to pull once with the strong hand and once with the weak hand. However, everyone pulled with their weak hand and did the appropriate leans shooting with their strong hand.

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