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Driving down to SV Infinity


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I’m currently driving to SV infinity for the deposit and gun design and am stuck between a new open gun or a new limited sight tracker. 

I just traded a Zev Glock and a Voltquartsen 22 for a Lone Star Innovations limited gun that I’m extremely happy with. But I miss shooting open. What should I do!!!??

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Definitely go with the open.  I am a high C shooter in USPSA and averaged around 56%.  I bought my first IMMI open infinity and my first 2 matches with the new gun were 81% and 83%!! They shoot so flat and are so reliable that it seems hard to miss.  Good luck


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Sorry guys! i went with the Open! I'll attach the build sheet in just a few. But I've already switched a few things up. I had to go pretty basic just because of how expensive they are! so if any one wants to contribute to a go fund me page I'd sure appreciate it!!! 

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User: Max Nalle - max@jnlco.net
Design Name: open design with Casey
Template Name: IMM Open Pistol - Wide Body
Last Updated: 06/05/20
Quantity: 1
Special Instructions: (1) Mount for SRO customer will supply optic. (2) Blue anodizing: Mount, Trigger, Magwell. (3) Racer cut Gogun installed front holes. (4) Extended frame with butler stirrup cut. (5) Ambi Diamond Racker.
Front Slide Cut: None
Guide Rod: Stainless Steel
Panel Cut: No
Radial Flute: None
Rear Lightening: Yes
Rear Slide Cut: None
Slide Material: Carbon Steel
Slide Profile: Five Sided
Slide Racker / Lightening: Slide Racker Installed Angled Left Side
Stirrup Cut: Yes
Top Rib: No Serrations
Front Sight: None
Rear Sight: None
Scope: None
AET Barrel: AET
Barrel: 4 10 degree Rearward Hybrid Holes (For USPSA Major PF)
Barrel Length: 5
Barrel Style: Hybrid
Caliber: 38 Super Comp
Compensator: IMM Titanium Comp
Trigger Bow: Titanium
Trigger Color: Blue
Trigger Insert Style: Flat Medium
Triglide System: Yes
Grip Material: Carbon Steel
Grip Size (Competition Hicap Only): Signature Grip
Grip Surface: SkaterTerrain (IST) No Logo
Metal Grip Mag Catch: Left Side Checkered Magazine Release Button
Metal Grip Magwell: Steel - Plain
Metal Grip Mainspring Housing: Steel - Signature Blued
Thumbshield: None
Trigger Guard - New: Double Under Cut (For Highest Grip)
Trigger Guard Profile: Infinity Traditional Square (ITS) (Most Common)
Hammer: Triple Xcelerated QB
Hammer Finish: Blued Finish
Dust Cover: Bianchi Standard, w/ Aluminum Mount Installed
Dust Cover Fluting: None
Frame Material: Carbon Steel
Frame Style: Competition (Wide body)
Grip Safety: Carbon Steel
ITI Rail cut: No Rail Cut
Slide Lock Pin: Carbon Steel
Strut: Titanium
Thumb Safety Material: Carbon Steel
Thumb Safety Style: Ambi Extra Wide Left Side
Caliber Conversion Barrel Type: No additional conversion
Caliber Conversion Caliber: None
California/ Massachusetts Resident: No
Gun type: IMM Modified (4.5 inch)
Pistol Finish: Infinicoat CRN (Silver PVD Finish) (Only on Carbon or Aluminum Materials)
Shooter's Package: No
Signature Tool Kit: No
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