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9mm Brass Fully Processed and available to ship


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I have taken some the headstamps that I exclude from my normal mix and fully processed them.


Stepped cases have been removed.


Brass has been cleaned, roll sized, full length sized, stainless tumbled and polished.


Primer pockets have also been swaged

-Due to variance in case web thickness primer pocket swaging is not a 100% consistent process. I check samples throughout the processing run and all primer pockets checked passed on the gauge.


The photo is of 100 randomly selected cases in a Hundo case gauge. Pass rate was 100%. I have not had any samples tested fail to gauge. Not that there may not be a bad case in there, but there were none in my samples. The roll sizing process really helps in this regard.


I am offering 14lb boxes (approx 1500 cases) for $60 shipped or my usual large flat rate boxes (approx 5000ea) for $159 shipped.


I have 5k available now and will have around 10k more available in 7-10 days.


First come first serve on this. I have put a good deal of effort into this brass in order to make it a usable product.


I would not recommend this brass for 9 Major or for use with bullets heavier than 124 grains.


If you are needing brass now, this is what I have available.


PM me with any questions.





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