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Blade Tech Black Ice Holster

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When and why did Blade Tech discontinue the Black Ice holsters? They were better than the current lineup.



The Blade-Tech DOH Black Ice Belt Holster was designed to help aid in a faster, smoother, unencumbered draw. Engineered to allow a quick draw from the standing or seated positions, the broad front opening of the Black Ice allows the pistol to clear the holster quickly. The opening on the front of the holster allows you to rotate the muzzle forward toward your target for extremely fast target acquisition. Couple the broad front opening with the DOH (Dropped and Offset) design, and you have one of the fastest drawing holsters on the market. Perfect for USPSA Limited competition, the DOH design has been used by law enforcement for years. The holster "drop," lowers the pistol allowing for easier, faster drawing. The offset allows the grip of the pistol to set away from your body, also increasing draw speed. 

The Black Ice features durable Kydex construction for years of reliable service. The Kydex will not lose its shape and has a slick interior for fast drawing and re-holstering. The Black Ice features Blade-Tech's positive trigger guard dual tension system that is adjustable to your preferred level of retention. 

The Black Ice offers your choice of Adjustable Sting Ray Loop (ASR) or Tek-Lok attachment systems. The ASR allows the holster to adjustable for three different carry positions, so you can adjust the cant to your preference. The ASR will also fit belts from 1.25" to 2.25" by simply moving the adjustable shim. The ASR system also keeps your gun close to your body for easy concealment. The Tek-Lok belt loop is held stationary by 2 locking tabs and fits belts 1.25" to 2.25" wide. The Tek-Lok belt attachment allows fast removal from belt. 

All Blade-Tech holsters are handcrafted in the USA and offer you a great choice for duty, conceal carry, or competition holsters. 

Made In United States of America


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Not sure.   I have one I used in production a while ago and like it.   I have been away from pistol shooting for a while (kids, hunting habit, living in commie state) and just returned to a few competitions.    I bought a new  blade tech  holster  And the quality compared to the ones I was buying years ago seems much lower.    

makes me wonder if they have gone down market in the last few years. They used to be a good mass market brand.  

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I’ve had one for years and use it in Single Stack division. I love it and was bummed out when I learned it was no longer made. I wish I had a second one in 1911 for CCW. I can’t speak for current Blade Tech quality but without the Black Ice they’ve lost my business to RHT for USPSA anyway. 

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