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Don't go too cheap on the optic you choose.  A slide mounted pistol optic lives a pretty rough life and has to be more rugged than one mounted on  a rifle or shotgun.  As noted, the Burris Fastfire III, the Vortex Venom and Viper and Holosun HS407C and 507C are about as low price as you want to go for adequate serviceability.


Another vote for the EGW mounts.  They are well made and specific to the gun and optic you choose.  I have used them on several guns including one currently on a M&P9 2.0 5" mounting a Vortex Venom and it works very well. 

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In general larger dots 6-7 moa are better and faster for pistol shooting. Tiny dots 3 moa or less are for precision rifle.
Larger dots are easier to see in bright daylight as well.
Always love my first generation Leupold Deltapoints at 7.5 moa.
Check eBay always good deals from people who gave up on dots.

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