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Need suppressor help! Newbie 30 cal can Dead Air Sandman series

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Been looking hard at the Dead Air line of cans and impressed with the specs, reviews and customer service. These are the reasons why I want a can:

1. FUN at the range/sound suppression 

2. protect life and property 

3. Because people (Liberals) hate them


That being said, I’m leaning hard towards the Sand man S and not the K. I feel I’ll have more fun at the range AND be able to protect my s#!t with a medium length can. I feel if I touch a round off in my house with the K can, I’ll still have some hearing loss compared to the S. From what I’m gathering the K series (which is smaller and lighter) has about a 5 db rating less than the S. I like the middle of the road in both sound suppression and length/weight. 

Anything I’m missing? 

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If you're only getting one can for general all around use, go with the S.  The K is a purpose built can for longer rifles to keep the weight and length impacts as little as possible while being "passable" as a suppressor. 


- owner of both S and K cans

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