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Got my loader out and loaded a few rounds of 148 grain wadcutters with 3.5 gr of W231.  Real happy with the accuracy & basically just loaded to set up my Lee Loadmaster which worked flawlessly. (bought it over 20 years ago and never used it)  Did buy an updated primer feeder and case slide block after visiting the Lee loaders group.


Used a K Frame with 6" Clark barrel and will need to chronograph the rounds in the next couple of days.


Firing from the barricade with barrel gripped against it...it felt like the recoil was more pronounced than I remember 25 years ago (I'm 25 years older:-)???


In theory the heavier lead 148 grain HBWC is moving slower so the barrel jump would be more apparent than lets say - a 125 gr lead bullet.  But to meet the 120K power factor the lighter bullet needs more powder to increase velocity. 


From your experience and in reality which round would have the most perceived recoil while meeting the 120K power factor with the barrel held against the barricade?

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After a couple of hundred thousand 148 grain, 140 grain and 135 grain wadcutters in K frames .... I think that the few 125 grain bullets I shot probably produced the softest felt recoil. They also broke more forcing cones ! Seems that L frames are best suited for light fast bullets and K frames for heavier slower. A 140 grain WC at 880 fps is real nice to shoot and (In my guns) will cut real nice groups at 50 yards.

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